Return Policy

Return Goods Policy

All merchandise must have prior Authorization from Essential Cares Supplies, Inc. (“Supplier”) for return and/or exchange, based on Authorization, Return Procedure, Return Conditions, and possible Restocking Fee, as provided herein.

  • Authorization
    •  Return Goods Authorization (RGA) is required for all returns.  RGA’s can be obtained for any Return Conditions listed below, either by contacting customer sales representative, or by calling Supplier Customer Service at 213-743-1402, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (PST).  RGA’s are valid for 30 days, after which time, Supplier shall have no obligation toward accepting any returns.  Unauthorized returns may be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense, disposed of at no liability to Supplier and at Supplier discretion, or subject to additional charges without credit being issued to the customer.  Issuance of an RGA does not guarantee credit.  Supplier to use its authority to review all returned merchandise to their discretion to process any customer credit.
  • Return Procedure
    • After obtaining an RGA, the customer can proceed return of merchandise.  Supplier is under no obligation to issue any credit if the following procedure is not followed by the customer.  All return shipments must include
      1. Customer’s name, address, and account number
      2. RGA #
      3. Customer original Purchase Order (PO) number
      4. Lot number and expiration dates where applicable
  • Return Conditions
    • Shipment Errors by Supplier/Customer:

Customers must notify Supplier of shipment errors and/or disputes within 3 days of receipt of merchandise, either to their sales representatives or by calling Supplier Customer Service at 213-743-1402.  Merchandise shipped by Supplier mistake, are returnable for full customer credit and at no cost to the customer, provided that such returns are made within thirty (30) days of receipt of merchandise.  Merchandise shipped by Customer mistake can be returned, subject to the Restocking Fee schedule listed below.

    • Damages and Shortages:
      The customer must inspect and count all shipments prior to the customer’s acceptance of delivery from the carrier.  All damages and shortages must be documented with 1) customer and carrier’s driver signatures on carrier’s bill of lading and 2) pictures, and reported to Supplier either to their sales representative or by calling Supplier Customer Service at 213-743-1402.  Customer must notify Supplier of such damages and/or shortages within 3 days of receipt of merchandise, after which time, Supplier shall have no obligation toward any possible replacement, exchange, or the credit of merchandise.
    • Defective Merchandise is returnable with prior Authorization.  Non-defective merchandise may be returned, with prior Authorization and subject to Restocking and Freight Fees listed below.  ALL returns must be in commercially acceptable and in saleable condition.  Supplier to be provided samples or pictures of defective merchandise in order to issue credit and/or refund.  In case of issuance of Return Good Authorization (RGA) by Supplier, merchandise must be returned within 30 days of receipt at Supplier expense, after which time, Supplier shall have no obligation toward any possible replacement, exchange, or credit of merchandise.
      The following conditions will not be considered for return and/or credit:
      1. PPE merchandise sold during a pandemic.
      2. Merchandise purchased more than 2 months prior to return request.
      3. Merchandise considered hazardous material.
      4. Special or custom merchandise made to customer specifications or sold as non-refundable.
      5. Merchandise returned in altered or damaged packing, or in packaging other than original packaging.
      6. Refrigerated merchandise.
      7. Merchandise broken, breached, or damaged
      8. Merchandise in unsalable units of measure where the product cannot be resold.
      9. Returns prohibited by State or Federal laws.
      10. Merchandise with less than 3 months shelf life remaining from expiration dates.
      11. Third-party vendor merchandise that requires a vendor return authorization and are subject to the vendor’s return policy and applicable fees.
      12. Any sterile merchandise, unless Distributor is especially assured that such merchandise was properly stored and protected at all times and such merchandise is returned separately in a package marked as such. The product must be accompanied by customers signed, certified OGA, as part of the Return Materials Authorization (RMA) form.
      13. Product purchased from other wholesalers, or other sources.
  • Restocking Fee Schedule
    • All returns will be assessed
      1. $20 documentation fee
      2. 15% restocking fee will be assessed for all returns
    • Inbound freight will be applied at freight cost to returns of Supplier at no fault


It is Essential Cares Supplies, Inc. intent to distribute only safe, wholesome, and lawful products to our customers.  We consider it our duty and moral responsibility to remove products from the sale that has been deemed unsafe or in violation of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations.

FDA guidelines for companies to follow when recalling defective products under the Agency’s jurisdiction are published in Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 7.

The objectives of a recall are to locate a product, remove the product from distribution and provide accurate information to all involved.  The recall is terminated when proper authorities and/or assigned personnel determine that all reasonable efforts have been made to remove or correct the product.

A product recall is a serious concern and must be treated with top priority.  It cannot be postponed; when a product recall is received or determined, it will have priority over all other businesses.  The keywords “Product Recall” indicate an urgent matter and require immediate attention.

The objective is to identify the source of each product lot for each customer to be identified.  Those lots can then be traced and isolated.

A log of customers and products shipped will be maintained and any customers who are affected by the recall will receive prompt verbal and written communication of the recall.  A letter is drafted and mailed within 24 hours of the recall notification.  Envelopes will prominently display the statement “URGENT-Product Recall”.

When the source and the affected product is located, a decision will be made to return or destroy the product. If the product must be destroyed, destruction must be witnessed by proper.